Help Wanted: Web Site Design, Optimization
and Internet Marketing Sales Executive

Do you have the natural born ability to cultivate and sell customers by providing your customers with exceptional service, integrity and honesty? If so we are looking for a few key individuals who can build relationships and sell to a large variety of businesses from small mom and pop cottage industries to fortune 500 companies.

If you are you looking to start a new carreer or advance in your present carreer to a job with almost unlimited income potential selling web site design service, web site optimization, or internet marketing for small, medium and mid size companies you are in the right place!

Help Wanted Web Site Design, Optimization<br>and Internet Marketing Sales Executive Affiliates

Qualifications we are looking for:
The ideal candidates to become a web site design, optimization and internet marketing sales affiliate for us is an honest, goal driven hard working individual, who has strong written and verbal communication skills and computer literacy. Advertising, marketing or graphic design experience is a big plus but not necessary. What is necessary is the desire to work hard, learn and keep your customers satisfied by providing them quality service.

You must be well organized and have your own computer with internet access. Because our services can be offered to any business around the world, your location does not matter! This job allows you the freedom to be your own boss and work your own hours from where ever you want. Candidates must be self disciplined in order to be highly successful because of the immense freedom this job offers.

Salespersons must also be able to help prepare proposals and presentations for customers, manage their own accounts and sales process and manage paperwork.

Salespersons are expected to generate their own leads by whatever means they want such as calling perspective customers by phone, in person, by mail etc. If you are calling on customers now for a non competing business, you can continue doing so and offer our web site design, optimization and internet marketing services to your present customers. Prospecting customers by Email or Fax is forbidden.

The commission structure for web site design, web optimization and marketing sales is extremely generous. Generally our smallest sales start at around $1,000 and large clients can be in the 10s of thousands of dollars earning the salespersons a quite handsome commission.

Salespersons who perform well will be entitled to periodic bonuses, exclusive territories and that show exceptional professionalism and leadership qualities may be promoted to sales management where they can earn a percentage of the sales of all affiliate salespersons under their control.

High Commissions

Any active salesperson that brings in a new salesperson to our company that performs well will get up to a $1,000 recruiting bonus. Recruiting bonus is dependant on recruited affiliate salespersons performance.

Presently this is a commission only position and salespersons that perform consistently will be eligible to receive a weekly draw against commission. We are also planning on a group health insurance program which affiliate salespersons can participate in.

How to apply:
Think you have what it takes to sell web site design, optimization and internet marketing for us? If so we want to hear from you! Email your resume to salesjob33 @ We would love to speak to any candidate and can be reached at any one of the following numbers: Boca Raton FL (561) 210-5245, Asheville NC (828) 398-4948 or Knoxville TN (856) 329-7949.

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